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rocksalt bullet

intuitive aptitude
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not a lot to say about me, just that i am completely and absolutely obsessed with zachary quinto, but if you have scanned my journal you probably knew that already. i enjoy doing a lot of graphics, but mostly animations. i have found myself doing a lot of those recently and it's very satisfying. monday nights for me are sacred as i plant myself on the couch with chips and beers to watch heroes. i often curse at the commercials because honestly, who gives a shit? i want more sylar! other shows i enjoy are supernatural, dexter, house, grey's anatomy. i used to be huge buffy and angel fan and i still have the box sets :]

this journal is a place for my graphics, animations, videos and just stuff that is related to zachary quinto or sylar. i also have a few rants whenever i feel like blowing off some mush needed stress. my journal is semi-friends only, so in order to see most of the stuff inhere, just add me and i will add you back. im not picky, i will befriend anyone

if you are going to take anything from here, make sure you credit me for it. im not going to make a huge deal out of it, but some of these animations are not easy to make, so dont pass them as your own work. and please, dont hotlink, cause that's just annoying

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